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Our Focus

Three Tip Categories, One Solution

Torch modernizes the way we reach authorities. As the Torch app was developed, our research uncovered three major areas of our daily lives that could be drastically improved by fast, anonymous communication.

Use the same simple Torch app to report everything from drug use to power outages and bullying or suspicious activity. Our technology and professionals route your information to the right people, no matter what the subject is. It’s never been so easy to make a difference.


Report any type of crime or suspicious activity in your community with complete anonymity. Share information, pictures and videos directly with local law enforcement. After a tip is submitted, you can engage in an anonymous two-way chat with officers, as needed.



No one wants to feel unsafe at school, but it’s not always easy to stand up for what’s right. Torch empowers students, parents and staff to fight for safer schools by sending anonymous text, photo and video tips whenever they see a cause for concern. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Stop tragedies from happening with just a push of a button.



City (311)

Does your city have 311? Chances are it does, but you have no idea what it is and what it does. 311 is a system dedicated for submitting information about local issues to municipalities through a website or call center. But it’s rarely used.

People don’t have the time to make a long phone call or to fill out website forms everytime they see a pothole or illegal dumping. Torch allows citizens to notify the city for maintenance in seconds. Share locations, photos and videos with just a click, then go on with your day.


Do You Need Torch In Your Community?