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Submit Tips in Seconds

Torch exists to give you the power to easily and safely have a positive impact on your community. The app is so fast, and easy to use, that you can submit a tip while waiting at a traffic light. It only takes a few clicks to send audio, photos, videos or text in any language.

When you see something, send something in seconds. Then go on with your day, knowing you did the right thing.

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Send It How You See It, Anonymously

Text your information and attach a photo or video. Choose to share your GPS location, or don’t. No matter how you use the Torch app, you can stay anonymous.

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Reach the Right Professionals

Our advanced AI determines the type of information you sent, and the location, to correctly route it to the agency best equipped to take action.



Anonymous Chat

Anonymous two-way chat allows you to talk with the agency that receives your tip. You might need to add information as events unfold, provide context or make changes. Maybe you just want an update. Anyway you use it, it’s a powerful tool for everyone involved.

Emergency Alerts with Two-Way Communication

The Torch app works to keeps you safe and informed even when you’re not using it. Receiving emergency alerts, based on your location, could be critical. Information on situations that might need your attention such as an active shooter, weather update, or a road closure are just a few examples of why you need Torch.

What sets Torch apart is that our Emergency Alerts allow  two-way communication, so you can get additional information or send details of an event as it's taking place.

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Do You Need Torch In Your Community?