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Neighborhood Watch and Crime Prevention Tools

Posted by Torch Team on Aug 9, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Do you have the tools you need to prevent crime in Miami?

At the most basic level, you only need three things to prevent crime: a watchful eye, a hearing ear, and a thinking brain. With these three you’ll begin to see things that seem out of place, hear activity or a call for help, and stop to wonder why things aren’t happening as they normally do. A Neighborhood Watch is essentially just the multiplication of these three basic tools.

When we all keep an eye and an ear out for trouble and put our heads together to figure out solutions to our problems, the issue of crime in our neighborhoods goes from being something outside of our control to being an issue we can tackle one crime at a time.

But when you extend crime prevention beyond the level of the individual, additional tools come in handy. Tools are needed to communicate, to educate, and to increase awareness. Here are some more traditional tools for your Neighborhood Watch group, as well as some newer options.


Old-school: flyers and informational handouts.

Looking to start a new Neighborhood Watch group? There’s nothing like a home visit with an informational brochure to let your neighbors know that this is something that really can be addressed at the local level.

Citizens’ Crime Watch of Miami Dade has a useful brochure that covers the basics of a neighborhood watch program, including special youth and business programs. Versions of the brochure are available in Spanish and Creole as well.

There are also more general informational flyers with helpful information that isn’t specific to Miami.

For more informational flyers and brochures that you can bring to a meeting or share with your neighbors, get in couch with your local law enforcement. They have lots of information and love to share with interested citizens.


A modern option: use Torch from your mobile phone.

Instead of hitting neighbors with a dead forest worth of printouts, a more streamlined option is to encourage other members of your Neighborhood Watch (or even just neighbors who aren’t a part of the group) to download Torch, an innovative new crime-prevention app.

Torch makes it easy to attach photos, video, text and even audio files to your tip. Confused about what agency is the best for reporting a particular incident? Torch will make sure your information gets to the right place.

Better yet, all of this is handled 100% anonymously, so you don’t need to worry about trouble coming back around to you. After all, you’re just another person on the street using on your phone, just like everyone else.


Every Neighborhood Watch is different, but every group can use help.

Are you ready to fight crime in your neighborhood? So are we. Let’s work together. Download the Torch today and start helping keep your neighborhood safe today.

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