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Anonymous Tips Can Lead to Huge Drug Busts

Posted by Torch Team on Jul 12, 2018 8:58:00 AM

The home up the street where Mrs. Carter used to live? It’s really gone downhill since she moved to an assisted living facility and two of her adult children moved in. The roses she used to take such care of have mostly dried up, and nothing’s been pruned in ages—not that it’s illegal to forget to water or prune, of course.

And they do seem to take excellent care of their cars, which are quite nice. That’s more than can be said for some folks in the neighborhood.


Something Feels… Off

But while they tend to be quiet and keep to themselves, there are some things that are troubling you. There’s the constant coming and going, for one thing. People parking on the street at all hours of the day, stopping in for a bit, and leaving shortly after. It’s a sleepy street that never used to see much traffic.

Now? The neighborhood parents don’t feel as safe letting their kids ride their bikes around anymore. And Mr. Perez who manages the nice restaurant a mile up the road says they always seem to pay in cash, and have plenty of it. He says the waitresses love to see them coming,  because they always buy plenty of alcohol and tip really well. But you’ve also overheard them ask to bum a cigarette because they didn’t have money on hand to walk to the corner store and buy a pack. It’s definitely weird.


Time for Action

The straw that broke the camel’s back? The screaming argument that streamed out of the house one day, late at night. It was another one of those quick-stop guests, parked out on the street. One minute it was quiet, then the next there was shouting, doors slamming, and they were out on the porch yelling for all the world to hear.

That did it. You had a clear view through the screen on your own window, so you opened up your camera app and started filming. It didn’t escalate into violence, but the shouting continued until the visitor left.

Video saved, you opened up your Torch app. You uploaded the video, then typed in all the suspicious activity you’d seen over the last few months: the dark curtains in the windows, the oddly timed visits, the cash that seemed to flow one day and then dry up the next, everything you could remember. You worried that someone might have seen you filming through your window, but you knew the tip, at least, couldn’t be traced back to you through the anonymous app.


A Dangerous Secret Uncovered

When the police showed up a few days later, you were startled, but not surprised. The news vans quickly followed, so you knew you’d get the details eventually. A dozen weapons and thousands of dollars worth of prescription pills and cocaine were found. The neighbors were horrified, especially the parents. How long had their neighborhood been so unsafe?

You told them about Torch, of course. Showed them how to report suspicious activity, even made sure the teens with their own phones downloaded it too. Now you’ve all got the tools to make sure the area stays safe. Someone has watered and pruned Mrs. Carter’s roses. You’re united in keeping this a good place to live and raise a family. You and Torch will make sure of that.


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