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Saying ‘Never Again’ Isn’t Enough

The power to protect the people we love is in our hands. Save a life, stop a crime and change the course of your world. Torch is a mobile app that makes anonymous tip reporting as simple as sending a photo or text.
This isn’t 911. This is a modern way to combat modern problems, by instantly connecting citizens to law enforcement, school or city officials and more.


Protect Your School

School shootings, sex predators, harassment and campus crimes don’t unfold in secret. We know the warning signs of violence and mental health issues. We see the threats and escalation on social media. And now, we know how to report these without fear. Be the eyes and ears with the power to prevent the unthinkable. Share the tip that stops the next tragedy from happening, anonymously.


Emergency Alerts and Two-Way Communication

Law enforcement and government agencies can use GPS technology to alert app users of nearby emergencies, such as an active shooter, while app users can send text or photo information as events unfold. Instead of fighting to reach emergency services on jammed 911 circuits, reach law enforcement instantly with the app’s two-way communication.

Stand Against Crime

The war against crime, drugs and domestic terrorism will be won by everyday people and the small moments they take to send an anonymous tip. Fight for the safety of your neighborhood by passing what you see or hear to the people with the power to do something about it.


Speak Up in Your City

Connect with your city to resolve the problems in your neighborhood in less than a minute. Without researching, calling or interrupting your day, you can reach the right people to report road hazards, graffiti, flooding, stray animals, illegal dumping, parking violations and more.


Do You Need Torch In Your Community?

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